Business Credit Reports and Car Washing

Summer Car Wash Special

Make the upgrades you need now to ensure your success in the future while being able to afford the monthly expenditures.

No Payments for 90 Days!

No Payments for 90 Days – If you’re looking for equipment and you need some time to get it delivered, installed and operating, the 90 Day
Deferred Payment Equipment Lease can help. Under this program, you have 90 days without a regular monthly payment. You can order your
equipment now and not have to worry about making payments until after it is installed and ready to make you money!

Apply Today!
This limited time offer is available for applications received by July 15th, 2014.

New Lower Payments

10 Year Working Capital Loan – You can access up to $150,000 to make site improvements or buy equipment. The 10 year term keeps your payments low. So, now upgrading the wash just became very affordable. Typically, your payments will be 50% less than a traditional
equipment lease. The best part about this program is….NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY and it has a GREAT LOW RATE!

All terms are subject to credit approval. The 90 Day Deferred Payment
Program is available for Equipment Leases with terms up to 60 months.

For more information on the Only Full Service Lender in the Carwash Industry, Contact Michael Ford    800-400-0365

Coast Commercial Credit


Coast Commercial Credit Offers:

10 Year Equipment Loans


APP-ONLY Up To $300,000

for Equipment Finance Agreements and Equipment Leases

Working Capital Loans

with Great Rates & Terms

New Investor Financing

For Equipment, New Construction and Acquisitions

Construction Financing

for New Construction and Remodels

A Competitive Advantage

We believe having multiple financing options allows us to better serve the car wash industry. It is our competitive advantage. If you or your clients need some equipment, want to expand, build a new location, remodel or are simply looking for some additional working capital, Coast Commercial Credit can help.

For more information on the Only Full Service Lender in the Carwash Industry, Contact;

Bill Baker


Mike Levin


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Did you know that individual car washes, car wash equipment distributorships and car wash equipment manufacturers probably all have Business Credit Reports?

Business Credit Reports provide business lenders and suppliers with a credit score on your business. Business credit scores range on a scale from 0 to 100 with 70 or more considered a good rating. Your business credit rating is based on information provided by business lenders and suppliers.

What is the practical effect of a business credit report?

Application-Only Equipment Financing Programs rely heavily on both business and personal credit scores for extending higher dollar amounts ($100,000 to $250,000) Those businesses with higher business credit scores find it easier to get APPROVED for Application-Only Equipment Financing. Conversely, having a low or no business credit score can be a reason for a lender to require additional financial information from an applicant (regardless of your time in business or your personal credit score) prior to APPROVING the financing.

What types of financing are available for your Wash?

Coast Commercial Credit offers all types of financing for car wash owners. We offer:

Equipment Loans and Leases for both NEW and — — USED Equipment
– Simplified Application
– Only Programs
– Programs that offer Reduced Payments for the first 90 Days

New Car Wash Construction Loans
– Available for both NEW and Experienced Operators

Real Estate Loans
– Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loans
– USDA Guaranteed Business Loans for Rural Areas
– Conventional Loans

Acquisition Finance
– Available for both Operating and Closed Facilities

Remodel Loans
– Convert Your Wash to Express/Flex
– Refresh Your Image
– Upgrade or Expand your Existing Facility

Refinance of Existing Debt
– Reduce your Monthly Payments

Coast Getting the Job

Recently APPROVED –
New Car Wash Construction – $3,200,000
Recently APPROVED –
Equipment Lease – Application Only – $160,000
Recently APPROVED –
Refinance / Re- Equip – $865,000
Recently APPROVED –
Car Wash Purchase – New Operator – $800,000
Recently APPROVED –
Equipment Lease – New Operator – $500,000
Recently APPROVED –
New Car Wash Construction – $2,750,000
Recently APPROVED –
Equipment Loan – Application Only – $40,000
Recently APPROVED –
Equipment Loan – Application Only – $25,000
Recently APPROVED –
Equipment Lease – New Operator – $118,000

If you’re looking for new equipment, building or buying a new wash, refinancing your existing debt and want to work with knowledgeable professionals, Coast Commercial Credit is the answer. Please don’t hesitate to call one of the Car Wash Finance Specialist at Coast to find out more about the loan programs available for you.

Mike Levin
Todd Aldridge
Bill Baker
Michael Ford